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Rear Seat Belt LEDs not on

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I checked mine today, no lights for rear seats come on during normal start procedure, tonight I opened and closed rear door - didn’t put anything on back seat. No lights for rear seats come on. 

I have only seen them come one when someone it actually sitting in the seat

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I think EU law specifies weight sensing in all occupant seats.

Seatbelt reminder systems will become mandatory on every new car seat – front and rear – from September 2019, as part of new regulations being adopted by the EU.

Existing EU vehicle safety rules, agreed in 2009, only require seatbelt reminder systems on the driver’s seat.

Under the new regulations, set out by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), front seat systems will need to be able to detect a passenger sitting – and make an audible warning at the start of the journey if the belt is not attached.

The requirements for rear seats differ slightly in that the audible warning will only sound if a belt is unbuckled during the journey.

Sounds like all seats must have weight sensing? 🥴

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There's a bit of crossed wires going on here -

Some of you (CPN, Star, CG) are talking about the Mk4 - It DOES have rear seat pressure sensors for sure (If I don't open the back doors and just throw my bag into the back seats DING DING DING *%$$£#&* DING)

flash and mike et al were talking about the Mk3, which apparently just guesses based on whether the rear doors were opened or not :laugh: 


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Only thing i can think of is either of the front doors and/or boot trigger it - does it still do it if you disable the interior light

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