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Yaris Stage 1 remap is it worth it?


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hi everyone I'm happy with my 2012 Yaris 1.4 d4d it is just approaching 81k on the clock. I'm thinking of a stage 1 remap to increase power (from 90 to 115bhp) but mainly for economy as my commute to work is nearly 300 miles per week (90% motorway) the advertised cost of this is £170

1) is it worth it?

2) is 10 years old and 81k too late?



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Sounds a bit dodgy - AFAIK most Toyota ECUs can't be remapped as they're encrypted.

I suspect what they actually mean is one of those piggy-back chips - Diesels are very easy to mod in that way, as they will handle software-based increases in fuelling and boost pressure much better than petrol engines ever would.

It can be worth it depending on the goal; A few people have had them - a few even purchased from our very own PartsKing! - and say it does improve the pull of the car noticeably.

If it's for economy reasons, probably not worth it as any savings you make will be wiped out by the increase in insurance as you have to declare such things (Or don't and hope they don't notice if you do have an accident as it'll void the policy!)

There's also a risk you'll fry something expensive if it's not fitted and set up correctly.

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On 6/7/2022 at 8:13 PM, DAN@ADRIAN FLUX said:


If you have any issues with insurance for a re-map then please feel free to drop me a line.




I m looking to insure my Toyota Vellfire,can you advise me please where to find one



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