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Auris 1500 cc


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Depending on which generation you're looking at there is a 1.33 petrol (first and second generations), 1.4 petrol (first generation), 1.2T (second generation), and 1.4 D4D diesel (first and second generations).

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If you're not subject to diesel discrimination (e.g. ULEZ fines and such) the 1.4D4D is the nicest to drive but may be less reliable if you do a lot of slow town driving as the DPF will clog up; For mostly fast road/motorway work it beats all the others.

Otherwise the 1.2T is the one to get as it's thirstier but nice in both and doesn't have things like a DPF or a dual-mass flywheel to go wrong, although you'll need to keep an eye on the intake valves as the engine is direct injection so the valves don't get cleaned by petrol spray and can start to gunk up.

The 1.33 is really gutless unless you rev it a lot - All the power is at the top end with that engine. It'll do it ('tis a jappy engine after all and they do like to rev), but then won't be very economical. If you do get one, get the latest one you can as the earlier ones had issues and tended to burn increasingly large quantities of oil as they aged. (My Mk2 Yaris, which had the same 1.33 1NR-FE engine, was at something like a litre a month before I got rid of it! :eek: )


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The safest bet is 1.8 hybrid or 1.6 petrol manual. 1.4d can have nasty surprises, it doesn’t drive as smooth or its as quiet as other two options, and who wants a  diesels these days , if you live in Scottish highlands perhaps you will be ok with it. 👌

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