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Gargling sound in engine

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Hi guys, I have a 2011 Toyota aygo, and when at 30+mph, the engine seems to make a gurgling noise but only when the revs are quite low.  It uses quite a lot of oil and not great fuel economy.  Has anyone experienced this or should I have it looked into? 
Thanks in advance. 

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Mine makes ticking noises at certain points of the rev range and load on engine. It also sounds like a diesel at idle, but I haven't experienced gurgling noises. Nothing out of the ordinary, after listening to other Aygos.

Firstly, have you checked if it's losing any coolant?

Secondly, when you say 'a lot of oil', can you be more specific. These engines do use oil and I would say mine uses around half a litre over 5k miles.

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Hi Josh,

My partner has a 56 plate C1 with around 45k on the clock, no doubt you'll be aware the Aygo, 107 and C1 share everything apart from a few distinct body panels, lights and accessories.

Have just posted myself re an issue with her little C1, all these cars seem to have their own unique engine characteristic noises but reading your post I'd be inclined to get the car looked at by a good mechanic you trust if your not handy with spanners yourself.

It would help others on the forum if you gave more detail about mileage, oil and fuel consumption etc.

MPG will vary a great deal depending on what type of driving your doing, short runs and town driving will be drastically reduced compared to when your on an open road with little in the way of gear changes and braking. Oil consumption will likely be the opposite very light running around town but heavier once the engine revs are sustained and higher on fast roads.

As fordulike says half a litre over 5k seems about right. I'm long in the tooth and had old 850 Mini's and 1100's back in the 70's/80's. Was nothing unusual to use half a litre of 20/50 on a 250 mile run down to Cornwall back then, much older designs and technology then and the engines were usually needing major work by 125K.

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