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New owner, simple solution to new battery in keyfob ?


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Hi, just bought an ex taxi 2014 Hybrid Estate.

Drove home with it fine but when I got out it said key low Battery.

Locked it up and came inside to change the Battery but when I went out and unlocked it the car wouldn't start. All the dash warning lights were on including the keyfob transmitter logo

Wife tried holding down the unlock button on the fob and pressed engine start at the same time and everything was ok, she could drive off and use it

Just went out and tried it again and no dice unless I do the button combo again

I can walk away from the car and unlock/lock it with the keyfob and the little red light flashes

Just tried googling and it comes up with youtube videos showing people putting keys in the ignition to pair the key to the car, I don't have an ignition barrel

Any ideas ?


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Yeah, try holding it up to the Start button (There is a short-range antenna in the ring surrounding it that looks for a valid signal from the fob to disable the immobilizer) while you step on the footbrake and press the Start button (As tony says, it might be easier to press the Start button WITH the remote fob unless you have 3 arms or are quite flexible :laugh: ).

It should re-learn the smart entry, but if not may need to goto the dealer to get them to reset it.

It's a bit worrying so many people seem to have had this issue as you really should be able to change the Battery in these smart fobs and have it just work as normal!



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The Battery is a 3 volt jobby, when the voltage drops, it will display the warning light on the dash. Change the Battery as soon as you can. You will not be left unable to start it, the procedure as mentioned is to hold the fob over the start button and press it to start, it will not need reprogramming, just change the Battery ASAP, its a CR2032 

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Is that just one time or every time now? We'd just picked the car up yesterday and the low Battery warning came on when I went to lock it. I changed the Battery straight away. Voltage on the old Battery was 2.8 volts , new one is 3.2 volts according to my multimeter

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On 5/21/2022 at 12:51 PM, Parts-King said:

You only need to hold the fob over the button when the battery is low, not after it is replaced 

Agreed. I had to do this once last year. Replaced both key fob batteries and it’s been fine since. 

Here’s the emergency procedure explained in the user manual. 


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