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Equipment for washing car, pre wash in particular.

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I’ve never bothered with a prewash in the past, I’ve just gone straight to a shampoo wash. However with my new car currently being built and being what I chose rather than what was available at my dealer at the time I plan to spend a bit more time keeping it clean, so with that in mind I’m looking at applying a foam prewash each time. To be able to do that, I’ve got to purchase the necessary equipment.

Unfortunately due to the configuration of my bungalow the only place I can have my car to clean it is on the opposite side of the road, which means dragging the hose across the road. Whilst this is ok to create a foam in an ideal world I’ll need a pressure washer resulting in having to drag a power cable across the road as well, which isn’t very good. As it is if a vehicle needs to go down my road I have to pull the hose out of the way, but with a pressure washer I’d have to do the same with the cable. Not very convenient. As I see it I’ve 4 options:

1. Get a normal pressure washer and pull it back across the road as needed.

2. Get a cordless pressure washer..

3. Get a foam gun that just attaches to your hosepipe.

4. Get a hand pump sprayer designed for foams.

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are. I don’t want to spend a fortune, but I also don’t want to buy something that won’t do the job either. Options 3 and 4 are obviously the cheapest, however I’m not sure how successful they’d be.  I’m leaning towards option 2 as it can be used for other jobs as well. Any recommendations for which one?

Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.



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Bit the bullet and ordered a plug in pressure washer. Save having to think about charging batteries or water from hose or pump sprayer not being strong enough!

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