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Tracking not activated.

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I read an article over the weekend about a chap who had a range rover velur stolen from his driveway, about £65 grands worth.

Dealer said it was his responsibility to activate tracker and register it and maintain subscription.

End result, no payout from insurance and lost car.

Now I don't know if new or newish Toyotas have built in or add on trackers fitted, but this may be worth bearing in mind if they do.

I can't do links on this cheap phone,it was on back page of telegraph money section Saturday 21 may .


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JLR products are fitted with a security tracker, with an option to upgrade to a more comprehensive security tracker (Secure Tracker Pro).

Trackers fitted to Toyotas aren't security trackers.

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Ok , thanks for the reply Frosty.

I do not have a clue about the differences in trackers.

So if I understand it right the trackers fitted to Toyotas are not a requirement for theft insurance as in the range rover, and do not require activating by the customer to ensure coverage for theft.

I have an old Toyota so not a concern for me, but if I or someone else buy a newer one with tracking I would need clarification.


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Normally your insurer will ask you if the vehicle has a tracker fitted. They wouldn't normally assume it has. If the insurer has a requirement for a tracker to be fitted then normally there will be an endorsement on the insurance schedule detailing the full tracker requirements.



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