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Front Wheel Bearing questions


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The OS front wheel bearing on my 2002 yaris is on the way out so im contemplating replacing it myself. 

Id say im a fairly competent diy home mechanic.

The question is, is it a doable job without specialist tools? ( ive changed plenty of motorcycle bearings with just a drift and a hammer)


Also does anyone know if the bearing is part of a sealed assembly on the older mk1 models or is it just the bearing itself that needs removing and replacing.

Would be interested to hear from anyone whos successfully done this with out a puller and/or press


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I haven't done this job myself but I have just watched an AutoDoc video which is comprehensive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k496JyJoH0Y


It looks like a job that's achievable on axle stands. If I was doing it, I'd remove the hub, take it to a garage and get them to replace the wheel bearing on their press (I don't own one) and put the hub back on the car with the new bearing installed. You might be able to remove the bearing with some kind of puller, but I'd probably just send the hub to the garage to save time and hassle - plenty of independent garages would be happy to help you out for a bit of beer money.

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Thanks Matthew,


No problem getting it on stands etc.

I actually just dug out my old haynes manual and it looks (in theory) like i should be able to do this with mostly home made tools myself.  (knocking up a draw bolt tool from some threaded rod. bolts and washers which ive got loads of)

Only thing ill have to buy is a ball joint separator.

Like i said this all sounds great on paper but like you say, it could be best left to a shop with a hydraulic press if i get into the territory of corroded in snap rings and bearings etc.


Will see how things go


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I have done wheel bearings on 10 years old Auris and the biggest issue was the rust. It took me hours to take the old hubs off the car, a lots of wd-40, hammer fight and heating. At least the bearings are integrated with the hubs so no press work was needed. 👍

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