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Any interest for '02 T3 VVT-I

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I'm leaving my Toyota 1.4L VVT-I '02 plate that my family has had since July that year, 145,000 odd miles. Is anyone interested anywhere in these kinds of car before I send it to scrap? Does come with a fair share of scrapes, a couple small dents and one or two irregular sounds plus among other things.

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Why not sell it on Auto Trader, quiet a few as old as yours on there for £1k +

Just make sure you declare all the  known faults, big  and small,  and get the buyer to sign a receipt stating,  sold as seen without warranty,  to avoid any comebacks.

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I'm sure its worth more than you think. I have an 03 4door 1.4 Saloon that belonged to my father. Only reason I keep it is because it manages to pass MOT's and its 'useful' as I don't worry where I park it.

At the last MOT in January I was ready to say if it fails on anything major then I'll scrap it. To my surprise it not only had a straight pass but I was offered £500 there and then for it. It just drives so well... it really does.


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