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reverse restrict lever

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hi, i am wondering what the "reverse restrict pin" is for on my Yaris 6 speed gearbox ?   it looks like it should be pushed up to the selector lever on top of the gearbox with a weak spring but it is round next to the cable rubber and cant get round to the lever as the bracket is in the way(i think after a clutch job  it has been refitted like this)

i have searched to see exactly what it does but cant find anything , the car goes into reverse but i think the pin  should be fitted the other way - if anyone knows ?  thanks - john

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its a 2016 xp130 diesel , might try to take a pic

the lever in white ring and i think it should run against the side with the white line (on selector lever) but it cant go round to that position as the bits in red stop it , nearly when i select 6th gear but not quite

20220525_small 174200.jpg

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Simply it stops the reverse fork, engaging in a forward gear and holds it in reverse when selected

Click to enlarge


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ok, so i guess it has to be manually got hold of and moved round to hold the selector as in the diagram - maybe if you are working on the car or some reason - it does not seem to be connected to anything inside the gearbox , i'd best forget about it i think , thanks for the info

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