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Auris 1.2T Auto discs and Pads


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Hi All,

New to this Auris forum and need some advice on the best brake discs and pads recommended for my Auris 1.2T auto 43,000m 2017. What OEM make doToyota use and what would be a good alternative match. 

Cheers All



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Hi Bob and welcome.

Oem Toyota brake pads will be a good choice. They have different suppliers like Bosch, TRW, Textar, or Japanese brands too. If you prefer to go aftermarket those same names should be on your list too. I personally use Blueprint for my discs, they are high quality and well made. For brake pads I use EBC Ultimax , again a high quality pads made in England, they have very nice biting feel and makes the brakes sharp and grippy. Good discs should have anti corrosion coating too. When fitting make sure to clean the hubs surfaces well with soft wire brush and do not use any grease anywhere except silicone grease on the slider pins on the callipers. eBay is a good place to look, if you are buying genuine Toyota only buy from well known dealers or Toyota office store. 

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