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A newby so please help.

Jon Taylor

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I have a Toyota Rav4 2005 diesel with 137,000 miles on the clock. All clear on my last MOT but I’m having massive turbo lag. No turbo in first, turbo only kicks in a 4000rpm in second, 3500 in third and nothing in fourth or fifth. I’ve fitted a new EGR valve, a new turbo pressure boost sensor and a can of EGR and turbo cleaner but still no good. Can someone suggest another option. Thank you. 

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Hi Jon, 

I wish I could help you. Feel sorry you had 140 views at this point and no reply.  Had bad experience with previous car but it was newer so it had the infamous DPF and sensors issues, which doesn't apply to yours.

I would not trust a MOT pass certificate. They are useless to tell the car conditions and even the main purpose, its safety.

I know you mentioned new EGR valve and pressure boost sensor, but is the exhaust in good condition that you would eliminate any possible leak?

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Have you had any error codes read from the OBD to see if that throws anything up code readers are cheap enough on eBay or you can get a garage to do it for you for a nominal fee.

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I'd start by changing the fuel filter.

If it persists then I'd be thinking turbo fault I'm afraid - have your tried removing the air intake to the turbo to see if there's any movement?

I can tell you from recent experience that a reconditioned Garret turbo fitted is c.£800.

Good luck.

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