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PHEV - Longterm battery speculation


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Was wondering if anyone with any greater technical knowledge, specifically wrt chassis design/repair on a modern Toyota hybrids, would like to speculate on future possibility of upgrading the Battery, as Battery tech develops. 


I was specifically thinking about how Toyota have said in press releases about solid state batteries, that their intention would be to deploy them in hybrid cars before looking at use in EVs. As it is my intention to keep this car for as long as possible, ideally until the planned UK post 2030-2035 ICE bans come into effect and can get a better feel for the state of play in the car market at that time, but looking at the direction of new car prices now and larger EVs particularly, if it were to be a practical possibility to swap out the Battery for a larger capacity, even if this was to be an aftermarket industry that develops in the wake of increasing plug-in-vehicle adoption, this could be a very interesting solution to extend the life/range of the car. 


[I am aware that a 10yr+ car will develop other issues in due course that might make this less desirable, but as this is complete speculation/daydreaming, for now I'm just thinking about the phev battery situation 😂

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