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Power loss


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Evening all, so I’ve not long had my Rav4 after buying of the in-laws and being aware it can be temperamental, it’s a t180 d4d lovely motor too drive, plenty power comfy and handles well, however, this morning it was low on fuel it started fine I got maybe 300yards down the road and it lost power, I stopped and tried revving it and it wouldn’t get past 1000rpm, so I turned it off and then turned it back on held it at 2500rpm for maybe 10/15 seconds and then it was fine, it’s now full off fuel and completely fine, the in-laws state it’s not the fuel pump, iam however not convinced 🤣 please help! Thanks. 

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The normal first step advice would be to change the fuel filter if that hasn't been done recently. It can't hurt and may resolve the issue. 

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