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Windscreen Original or Fake

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I had a replacement of windshield of my Axio 2014 DAA-NKE165. I was said this that i replaced is original. I had to replace with 3rd Party as there was no stocks in Toy#ta L#nka. The seller said that the letters and new productions logo is this thats replaced OEM. Can someone check if the replaced is original.
The one thats M314 is Factory fitted that was replaced with the other.

Thankyou experts



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Yes its bit smudged but i wanted to know if that OEM or fake one. 

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1 hour ago, flash22 said:

It depends on the factory it comes from,  yes the print looks bit smudged

Yes smudged or bold than that of previous. But i wanted to know how to check and if there any way to check. And if the toyota logo is plain text TOYOTA and the other is toyota with stencil font

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49 minutes ago, flash22 said:

Have a look on Google

Thats what i tried and come to forum to get help from experts 😅 i couldnt find on google about this. 

also i find the sticker saying some numbers. Find the picture below


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I'd hazard a guess it is an aftermarket screen, and I'd also hazard a guess that there are a fair few of cars on the road where their glass as has to be replaced, has been replaced with aftermarket glass.

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It is not a proper fake as the detail is different.  A true fake would have identical detail.  Look at the original, it has  10S on one like, the replacement has 10A.

The screen may be after market but as it is Toyota specific it would naturally carry the correct identifiers. 

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