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Hello everyone, following your signal from Spain

I am waiting to receive a Rav4 PEHV Advance.
Thank you all for your contributions, which make the wait more enjoyable and are teaching me a lot about how to use it in the best way when it arrives.
Now I have a Lexus IS 300h, with 146k km. with which I am enjoying every km I do with it. As the new IS no longer comes to Spain nor does it have a family body 😉 the Rav4 has been my option.

I am looking forward to seeing how the electric and hybrid capacity performs, since from what I am reading, even having more weight and height than the IS, I believe that the management system, engine and control unit are of a new generation with respect to my current vehicle, so I hope that the consumption in HV will be better.
My usual trips are two long trips a month of 400 km one way and the same number of return trips. The rest of the daily trips in the city, I hope to do almost all of them within the range of electric autonomy, charging at home and wherever.
I am very curious to see if in HV mode, on long trips and demanding more performance from the engine, the Battery could regenerate something, without using the CHARGE mode.
In the comments I have read that in HV, it conserves more or less the charge it has (SOC), working like another hybrid Rav4 but I don't know if stepping on it a little more could give a few extra km in EV.

Thanks again, regards.



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