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Trouble restarting after stall


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Any help hugely appreciated, been driving fine for decades a vauxhall estate followed by a Zafira both diesel key ignition cars, I rarely stalled, perhaps once a year if that and able to restart immediately without issue. However, since getting my 2014 Rav4 with button start a few months ago, I have managed to stall on three occasions, all in highly embarrassing situations and would really appreciate some help on how to re-start it quickly. I turn the car off, and have tried pressing the clutch and the start button but it fails to start, often with just the power coming back on, in my panic I think the message ‘take foot off pedal’ comes up. With desperate jabbing and foot pumping on the clutch eventually it will start after enraging all around me. But hoping someone can tell me the ‘proper way’ of restarting after a stall, yesterdays stall involved several minutes holding up traffic before finally restarting. Thank you! 

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It would help if you specified your model and grade fully.

What makes you believe that you have stalled? Is your grade not equipped with a stop/start system?

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