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Bit odd warning light - electronic parking brake (?)


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Greetings: Warning light, yellow, came up on dashboard today, 1st time I'd seen it.  Car still performs fine, electronic parking brake goes on & off normally... see..


- but doesn't exactly match warning lights in car manual... any ideas suggestions please?  Due to drive over M25 Essex Saturday, 80 odd miles each way.

Mr T wants £150 just to inspect..


Regards & thanks in advance



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This to me it looks like the automatic engagement / disengagement of the parking brake when the car is stationary has been disabled. I assume you can manually apply the brake with the button but it doesn't apply itself when you stop?

You enable or disable the auto parking brake function by pressing and holding the parking brake button for five seconds.

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Spot on APS!! Many thanks.  No idea how it came on, no recollection of making the switch.

In the car manual under parking brake the warning message & how to fix it are there, but not in the index of warning messages... 


Best regards, thanks again!

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