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Steering Not As Responsive

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MK2 Yaris 08

Few months back I had the top mounts and coils done for the front.
Since then I feel I have to turn more than I used to. Lets say for a parallel park I used to turn the wheel one turn to the left. I now have to turn about one and a quarter.
Going round a 90 degree corner I used to turn about half a turn, now I have to turn a full turn.

Today I had the tracking done, and it seems to have changed again, to the point where I have to turn even more.
This is more noticeable at low speeds, at higher speeds ( 40 to 70 mph ) it is nice and responsive.

Any ideas what could cause this ?
I do occasionally get a clicking sound from the steering wheel ( This started well after the " lack of responsiveness" so probably not related ). I have heard is a common thing in Toyotas, mostly been alleviated by lubricating the middle part of the steering column. Said clicking sound is usually only when parking at low speeds, and seems to disappear if I occasionally adjust the wheel up and down a few times.
The column itself looks tight, and has no play.


I heard it could be the Battery ( according to another forum ) but I doubt that as it started after having the top mounts/springs done.

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