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Adding a subwoofer to Aygo X-Shift 2020


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I found this forum for Toyota owners, and would like to hear if any of you have had any success in adding a subwoofer to an Aygo 2020 model?

Im not a car guy, so i think it would be easier to add a premade subwoofer that takes RCA and power.

My guess would be that i need to connect it to the headunit of the car.

I have had it disassembled and found that the model of the headunit is likely "avh-9548zc" but i have not been able to find any diagrams of it?

Do any of you have any experience with the headunit and which wires could be used?

Thanks a ton in advance!


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That's the 3 button tripleplay radio

for the most part it's plug and play, but may require some wiring depending on the sub

don't go cutting into the car's wiring, you can get a CT10TY01

Subs usually connect to the rear channels


what is your budget ?


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Thank you so much for the rapid response!!

I really appreciate you helping out, I will defiantely take a look into the "CT10TY01" as it seems it might fit the radio.

I was think about adding something like the ALPINE PWE-S8 as it looks fairly easy compared to working with a seperate amp and speaker.

Ideally i would like to add it under the seat, or in the spare wheel well.

As im from Denmark my budget might not match with the prices in the UK, but im thinking about 350GBP, im hoping i can get something that would at least get me started.

What are your oppinions on budgets? Would it make sense to raise it?

Again, thanks a ton for helping out!

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That is a very health budget

Alpine is a good choice, i have the Pioneer TS-WX610A what suits the yaris fine if you want under seat have a look at the TS-WX010A

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Im currently looking at several options, but my main concern is that i dont know how to connect them.

As i understand they will all need an RCA, input as well as power.

From what i gather most subs come with a connecter for power? Does these simply connect to the headunit? Im guessing that some level of cutting is going to be required, or will the "CT10TY01" simply jack onto the cables and provide an extra output?

Also, do we know if there are any wiring diagrams available for the headunits? It would be nice, if it was possible to figure out what the different wires were connected to.


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The power and Speakers are standard Toyota 1987- Current, aka 10 + 6 - no need for rca's most of the underseat/hideaway sub have a speaker level input, Power wise it depends on what it requires, usually you take it from the Battery with a fuse inline within 200-300mm


It depends on what sub you go for, the CT10TY01 gives you a standard ISO connectors or a lead you can splice into

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For anyone who might find this thread in the future, here is how the install worked.

1. Used CT10TY01 to add additional ISO Connector for Amp / Speaker setup
2. Connected QS-TWO-ISO AMP to the new available ISO Connector
3. Connected ESX DBX300Q Sub in spare wheel well to the AMP

We were able to hide the small amplifier behind the headunit and glovebox compartment. 
We then ran 4 wires from the amp to the sub in the trunk. Ideally you would want to do this under the carpet, or in the door frame of the car i would assume.

The whole thing runs off the power from the Battery, and is turned off when the car turns off. The ESX system has a switch on it to allow it to turn off when the ignition is off.

This kit allowed me to install the entire system with no cutting of the original wires, and no soldering. 

A huge thanks to @flash22 & @planc for helping me!

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