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Aygo power steering problem.

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Hi all. 1st post so hello to everyone. My wife's Aygo power steering fault light came on when she was driving the other day and the power steering stopped working so she pulled over, turned the car off for a few seconds, fired it back up and the light had gone out and it hasn't come up again since. I've read that the Aygo has electric power steering so no level to check but any ideas as to what it may be? Is it a common intermittant fault on these cars? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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2 hours ago, FROSTYBALLS said:

Was she/had she been manoeuvring and caused the steering motor to overheat?

No, hadn't been driving far. Just a couple of miles from home.

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2 hours ago, flash22 said:

Get your battery tested, when was it last replaced ??

She only bought the car from a used car dealer a couple of months ago and we were told it has a new Battery. We've also had some ticking noise from behind the dash when we open the car door after it's been stood overnight but once you put the key in and turn it the ticking stops. 

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ok so potentially a power draw issue, if it's under warrantee take it back, get the codes read it should have stored them as history codes

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