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Front bumper / right side mudguard


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Hi all,

I have a 57 plate Auris that has served me well over the decade. The front bumper has been slightly loose from the right side for a few years but never bothered me too much.

However, the front right side mudflap has split into 2. Each time I turn my tyre it makes a horrible screeching noise.

I was wondering what would approximate cost be of replacing front bumper/respray and installing new mudflap?

Alternatively, am I able to just install new mudflap without replacing bumper?

Many thanks for your help.


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A new wheel arch liner required, the front bumper needs a new bracket and/or some PU sealant and held with painters tape while it curers

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Liner - 53875-02310



90159-60488 (2 required)

90467-07214 (i see you have a few missing)


Bumper retainer - 52535-02041


Expect 2-3 hours labour


it looks like you ripped the corner of the bumper off the car or hit something, that pulled the liner, and you drove it like it, burning a hole in the liner

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The order of magnitude of prices for spare parts in the region of Greece is far from the prices in your country For example, the codes mentioned by flash22, in Greece were sold for up to 35 euros (53875-02310 dome)

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