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Avensis T3X 2006 - Are the driver's pedals height/distance adjustable.


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Would anybody be able to help - I bought this car about 18 months ago and it's my first Toyota.  While generally impressed with the Toyota virtues of rugged reliability one thing doesn't seem right to me.  All the pedals seem to be set higher (i.e. closer to the driver) than any other car I've ever driven in 40 years. 

I'm about 5'9" so about average height with I'd say average arms and legs but in order to get sort of comfortable on a long journey I need the seat to be set far back, so that even if the steering wheel is pulled out to it's full distance it's still quite a long reach, as is the gearstick.  What I need to do is use the seat height adjustment to move the seat back further when on the motorway or move it forward in town to reach the controls.  Either way I still end up with a stiff leg on a journey of any length.

So, would anybody know if the pedals can be adjusted in any way?  

I've seen on the 'net something about their position being adjustable at least on some Avensis models, but I've only seen it for a 2012 model.    This is the adjustor I've seen but I've had a look at mine and I'm not sure it's got this but perhaps I've missed it?



Could this be a design issue with that particular model or has anybody else got a similar problem.

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,




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The pedals are not adjustable for driver comfort. Even my later 2009 T27 only has fixed pedals like a majority of cars on the road. Only cars made with fixed seats would need adjustable pedals. I know the clutch and brake pedals can be adjusted for operation purposes only. The steering (height and reach) and drivers seat (also including height and reach) should cover most of the adjustment. Be careful if deciding to play with the brake/clutch pedal adjustments, as it could affect wear and operation! 

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