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Hi to you all.  The format of the Toyota Forum is a replica of the Lexus Forum I have used many times and hope to catch up on all the C-HR threads written so far.   

Ordered a new C-HR 2.0 Excel with JBL last week in Pearlescent white. Not sure the quoted delivery will happen though, Oct 2022.

Coming over from Lexus to Toyota, (4 cars in all), last 3 all hybrids.  Big reader of Forums and contributed a bit too on the Lexus Forum.

Interested to read the thread on the space saver wheel and all the contributions about the parts to do it.  Did exactly the same thing for my last ES300h and will do same for the C-HR. Can't abide all that awful inflation kit nonsense.  Great contribution content by members who did all the hard research on part numbers and answering all the questions raised.

The Lexus cars I owned were fantastic cars and I consider Toyota/Lexus  to be  the same in terms of reliability, quality etc.  but need to go down to one car now which the wife can drive too.  She couldn't handle the larger Lexus cars, a LS460, GS450h and both ES300h cars.  

She has a 21 plate Toyota Yaris hybrid at present, fantastic car (with a standard space saver) but that will go when the CHR arrives. 

I know there is much talk of long delivery times due to micro processor shortages etc  but the real reason chips are in short supply is the massive loss of Neon Gas production, apparently a vital commodity in their manufacture and guess who produced 50% of the world's needs?  Yes, Russia and Ukraine with Ukraine's 2 plants being shut down, one of which was in Mariupol and  was flattened. 

We live in uncertain times and things will change forever. 



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