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Fingers Crossed 🤞 Dynamic Premium Orders

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I have owned a Rav4 XT3 for a decade, and have loved the vehicle so much….it’s always got me from A to B, and back to A again👍. The only reason it’s going, is that I have now retired, and I want to travel more…the XT3 not having a sixth gear has always been a bit of an annoyance for me….4000rpm at 70mph is a bit noisy, and heavy on fuel.

In early April, I ordered a new Rav4 Phev Dynamic Premium, and the long wait began.

Having noticed this model seems to have recently disappeared off Toyotas website, I contacted my dealer yesterday for reassurance.

Just letting anyone in the same position know, that Toyota assure me that if an order has been placed, deposit paid etc, then you will be getting the vehicle at some point this year…apparently things are also moving a little better now! (supply chain wise) Let’s hope so🤞.

Whether or not I will be getting a free British Gas EV charger is another matter….has anyone gone through this process successfully? If you have, could you let me know what the garage need to do, as mine are flapping about a bit on this matter!

Kind regards


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