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Strange noise

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Hi, noticed something today while driving with the window down which was a strange noise that seems to occur at exactly the same time through the gears of my mmt and only once, by which I mean if I stop at a set of lights then pull away it will do it and carry on as normal and then say I have to stop and accelerate away it'll do it again. It  can only be described as a chafing noise for a split second and it's quite high pitched I'm not convinced it occurs on a gear change but I don't pick it up in the cabin with everything closed, just picked up on it today with no music on and windows down. It's only done 4.5k on a 2020 and drives absolutely fine and no burning smells either. I'm used to the clunky noises the actuator makes but this seems different but as I say absolutely no issues on the road. Very wary about my main dealer looking at it as they are to put it politely.... Not very good. 

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