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Corolla Touring Sport - Dealer fitted tow bar

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I've just had a quote from my main dealer for a detachable tow bar to be fitted to my 2019 Corolla TS. This was for 13 pin electrics as apparently a 7 pin kit is not available. The total price was £1524.99, with the labour element being £750 + VAT (6 hours)! Surely that can't be right?

Has anybody had a detachable tow bar fitted by an independent and, if so, how much did it cost and what is the situation regarding the car's warranty? Thanks!

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Towbars do seem expensive on modern cars.

I remember my dad wanted one on his Peugeot 407 estate and it was some extortionate amount.

He didn't bother in the end.

He used to fit them for a living as he owned a caravan and camping shop, in the 90s. I'll show him the price, he'll probably wish he was fitting them nowadays.

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1 hour ago, fullfathom5 said:

what is the situation regarding the car's warranty?

If a third party towbar is fitted, the warranty won't cover the installation, associated components/alterations, or the towbar. Presumably the towbar manufacturer/fitter will cover their work under some form of warranty.

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