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Engine/ Clutch rattle diagnosis help

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Hello all,

I was wondering if someone could suggest a diagnosis for this/ whether it’s a major. 2008 Yaris with 75,000 miles on the clock. An engine or clutch rattle… I’m struggling to figure out which!

it tends to occur when pulling away, riding the clutch a bit, low speed control… that kinda thing. Tends to last about 10 seconds after I’ve fully released and pulled away and occurs frequently in city traffic, stop start stop start etc. 

Sometimes occurs when at idle engine speed and in neutral for a few seconds and up to about 20. Sometimes it gets worse as engine speed increases, sometimes not. Today it didn’t stop after 30 seconds whilst in neutral and at a standstill so I had to turn the engine off for a minute and on turning on again, it seemed to have stopped. 

Never occurs at high speed… 40+ duel carriageways or motorways etc.   

Perhaps when the clutch is partially engaged, the noise increases with engine speed and when fully released stays constant. Maybe when I release the pedal it’s still not fully releasing? 

My Mum also notices the noise although my Dad doesn’t so I don’t think I’m driving it in a particularly mechanically harsh way!

This description probably doesn’t make it easy to diagnose but any help would be much appreciated,  Thank you!

P.s: I’ll try to record audio of it and attach to the thread tomorrow! 

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Always hard to diagnose via forum, but if it mainly happens/starts when the clutch is depressed, I'm going the guess the clutch release bearing is on its way out - If you ride the clutch a lot (And if you are, stop doing that!) then almost certainly.

Do you know when the clutch was last changed actually? If it hasn't been the whole 75k miles then even more likely! :laugh: 

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Ah not riding the clutch when I can! Just when in slow traffic and edging forward that kind of thing where you can’t even idle in first.. It gets weirder - see video below. When I turn the air con off… That’s causes it. I’m in neutral, no clutch depression. Surely it can’t be the clutch with this example ahah. It’s the same rattle I get in general driving, particularly in slow moving traffic as I described in my first post. As far as I know the clutch has never been changed. 


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Noise from pulling away have you checked the heat reflectors aluminium plates above the exhaust 

they drop down onto exhaust and rattle at low speeds.

I used large washers and rubbers spacers on my old Yaris 1.33  2014 vintage.

Its a shot in the dark but worth a look

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