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speaker upgrades Yaris cross GX ice

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I changed my rear OEM Speakers to Rockford Fosgate T1650 Power Series 6.5" 2 Way Coax. The sound quality doesn't seem any better. Any advise  what else to do as front and tweeter Speakers are still OEM i was wondering what to change it to ,as the Rockford i had to customize the fit 

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Its is the way Toyota choose to specify their amplification, they amplify the front more than the rear and changing Speakers will do nothing to cure the quieter rears

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Stereo systems are setup, so the soundstage is up front, the rears are just for fill - you don't drive from the back seat do you, what you are wanting to do - requires changing all the Speakers and adding an amp - if you have the car on lease or finance you do not own the car, so can not change anything, 2 way coaxial's may actually cause issues as the oem just uses a mid in the rear doors


 the base system is 6 Speakers, tweeter and mid in the front with a mid in the rear door, the premium system is only on the top of the range cars as an option (if available in your market) 8 Speakers, super tweeter, tweeter and mid in the door with an amplifier under the front seat (drivers side on a RHD car) and mid's in the rear doors


Cross GX, i take you are in Australia

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