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Air con mode

Barbel lad

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Hi Barbel Lad,

1) When first getting into the car open all windows (& boot hatch) to let out heat then close them.

2) Direct all movable vents upwards and not towards passengers.

3) Fan speed 'full' and make sure cabin recycling IS on.  Aircon will have an easier time cooling air it has already cooled than drag in warm air from outside.

4) Once desired temperature achieved turn OFF cabin recycling and turn fan down to maintain.

Things to consider :

A) Cabin pollen filter, if you haven't already checked / changed it do so now.

B) As a general rule, more fuel is used by using aircon under 50mph instead of opening windows, above 50mph it is more efficient to use aircon.

C) Aircon is not just for summer, it dries out the air so car is less damp during winter months / windows will clear sooner.

D) Aircon needs to be used regularly otherwise the seals leak refrigerant gas.  If aircon isn't cooling you may need a regard.

E) buy an aircon sanitiser bomb to ensure hvac system is free of germs / smells.

F) iQ has a small engine, consider temporarily turning aircon off when driving up prolonged or steep hills.

Regards, Dave.



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5 minutes ago, Barbel lad said:

Thanks mate very helpful 

No problem, if you like the reply please remember to press like, heart, thumbs up etc

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