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Yaris cross hud and navigation setup

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Hi any one managed to get the navigation (directions) setup and working?


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There is another thread about this. Unfortunately it would appear that if you have the newer Smart Connect infotainment system navigation will not appear on the HUD. The older Touch2 system is however compatible. Perhaps Toyota can fix it in a future update?


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I have a new yaris cross with the smart connect infotainment system which did not show the turn by turn navigation on either the heads up display or the dashboard. I went in to the dealers a couple of weeks ago and raised a query about this as it is quite obvious that it should work, they said they would get back to me ,  I haven't heard anything yet. However when starting the car today a message came up on the infotainment system with a software upgrade for the system. I installed this and the turn by turn navigation now works on both the heads up display and the dashboard (hooray) but only when using the cloud based navigation on the head unit, it does not work when using android auto or Apple car play navigation systems. 

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Yes, the HUD part was fixed in this release. Odd that it also didn't work for you on the dashboard. That always worked fine for me (I don't have a HUD though). I get turn-by-turn in the dash with both Toyota cloud navigation and Apple CarPlay.

Tagging @geoffus about this update.

1.22.072   48.7 MB

Content of update

  • Slovenian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Croatian & Serbian language menu
  • Display of navigation instruction in heads-up-display (if supported by vehicle)
  • Alert for level railway crossing
  • Improvement of positioning accuracy
  • Fix for speed cameras/zone not being displayed in some conditions
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Its interesting that your dashboard worked never has for me until the update although I thought it should have worked which is why I went to the dealer. I have tested both Apple car play and android auto but dont get anything on either the HUD or dashboard, I will try Apple car play again as it works on your system. I am not impressed with the cloud based system as it is reliant on a decent 4g signal, not sure what the onboard SIM is but it struggles to get a signal most of the time and when the signal is lost the navigation voice goes silent and the map also stops working properly leaving just the turn by turn direction in the top corner of the map. This means the cloud navigation cannot be relied on for a long journey through different reception areas and its annoying having to switch to android auto or Apple car play when the signal disappears.

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