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Question regarding Toyota Corolla D4D

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Hello to all  from sunny Split, Croatia. I am not experinced with Toyota. So far I had only Honda petrol ivtec cars. I went to southern England twice with my Honda. Always a joy.  I have just sold my Civic 2012, petrol 1.8 (Swindon plant) and purchased used Corolla 2018 diesel 1.4 D4D 60k km,  with excelent history and superb history with maitenance plans. After first 1000 km I can say that I am happy and I dont mind that my car has only 90 hp. I belive that Toyota did well with tuning manual gearbox with that engine. That type of vehicle is not popular in my country, I live in a town of 200k residents and maybe 30 corollas. This is a VW kingdom :). Can you give ne some good advices regarding maitenance and servicing? Previous owner stated that car consumes 1 litre of Toyota oil per 10000 km. I am used to driving without any breakdowns, Honda is great in that area, but fuel consuption in city is not good. Any advice is more than wellcome.

Thank you and best regards,

Hrvoje, Split Croatia.


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Hello and welcome. 
We don’t have Corolla from 2018 here in England, we only had Auris which is very similar. These years however the most popular models were the hybrids as those are the most efficient in town driving and easiest to drive since they are automatics and has electric motors.
Regarding the maintenance,  best to check your owners manual and perhaps check with local dealers. In UK for cars up to 10 years old and 100k miles each time you service in the dealer you get another year warranty., it’s called Toyota relax warranty “. For the service intervals they are likely to be 12 months or 15k km whichever comes first. One thing to point , Toyota cars usually are very reliable cars and does not require specific maintenance or repairs, however whatever you need to change best to stick with original Toyota parts or very high quality aftermarket if oem not available or too expensive. Good names for aftermarket are Blueprint for suspension , brakes, filters, etc . Oils like Mobil 1, Castrol, Shell, Petronas. For transmission fluid best to use only original Toyota fluids, same for the coolant. Important note when buying genuine spare parts ! Only buy from Toyota official dealers or well known independent garage or resellers, because there are many fake Toyota parts and some are difficult to distinguish between them. That’s pretty much all. Enjoy your new car 🚗👍

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Bit suspicious about the engine - It shouldn't be using any oil unless you're thrashing the nuts off it. The 1ND-TV is a pretty good engine as diesels go; Light and high-revving (For a diesel) and very reliable.

I had one in my old Yaris and it hardly used any oil unless I was hooning it around at 3000-4000rpm on hilly country roads and stuff.

The biggest thing with that engine is to make sure you give it regular quality oil changes - It uses a timing chain and if looked after it will last the life of the car, but if not it can stretch or snap and destroy the engine.

Otherwise it's a damned good engine - Very strong and has a variable geometry turbo so you get almost no turbo-lag. Only has 90HP, but you can access most of that 90HP almost all the time, vs a petrol engine where you have to rev it to the moon to get near its headline HP figure. This gives it a lot of low-down torque which makes it very nice to drive.

I have very fond memories of it in my old car - Never let me down, only a slight hiccup once where the throttle body blocked up with soot due to city driving, and caused the idle revs to pulse up and down.

Compared to a petrol engine that thing felt so powerful! Not sure how it is in the Corolla, as I'm guessing that's a much heavier car than my old Yaris, but even with 5 people in my Yaris that engine would haul :biggrin: 


Edit: Oh 1L per 10,000km! I read that as 1000km :laugh: That's still a bit more than mine used before I traded it in (Maybe 0.5-1L/10,000miles (about 15000km) ), but probably nothing to worry about given its age and that it's moving around a heavier car...

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