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Toyota Touch system Bluetooth no audio


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Hi All,

I am having this strange issue with Touch and Go.

This is NSP120 Touch and Go I think its first Gen

I can talk via bluetooth during call.

But for any other audio mp3 or youtube its not playing this audio

tried on iPhone XR
Samsung s10 s20

I am unable to select bluetooth option from menu screen where FM AM CD USB options are

i can make call via bluetooth but as soon as the call disconnected the audio player doesnt work. 

It seems i have to upgrade the sw but where 

its very frustrating not sure what is happening.






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It's the same as the Verso-S it's a very early touch model, does it have sat nav ??

Is this the only hidden menu ??

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without "GO" (Navigation):
- Ignition switch to ACC, wait until the radio screen appears (remove CD and USB media)
- Hold down the MEDIA button and switch the parking lights on and off 3 times -> Service Menu
- press "Service Information"
- Press "Program Update"
- connect USB stick (FAT32, min 1GB, with update file, otherwise empty)
- press "OK" (USB stick inserted)
- press "OK" again (recognized, confirm)
- in the now appearing Software version overview "
- Start the update by pressing "OK"
- wait until the blue bar is full and then turns green
- press "OK"
- switch the ACC ignition switch to OFF (leave the USB stick plugged in!)
- turn the ignition switch to ACC (USB stick plugged in leave!), wait until the radio screen appears
- now remove USB stick
- switch ignition switch from ACC to OFF
- wait 30s
- ignition switch to ACC, wait, device should run with new firmware
- done!

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Yes its working I connected to phone via bluetooth and made call tested as soon as I disconnected the call the bluetooth audio not transfer. 

I ran the youtube while on call and can listen youtube but once call disconnected i cant hear anything. it seems audio player is not connected or something else. 

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So you can't get into the bluetooth menu ?

There are no updates available, the Toyota toolbox was discontinued in 2020 even if you do get the software the servers no longer exist

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Thanks what I am thinking is to reset it and then reupload firmware. 

I think there is a software glitch. 

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i am aware of this, i know these systems very well i have repaired many of them, yes its a very early touch system the same as the Verso-s


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Thanks much appreciated the swift responses, there is a pdf file which has got links but i am not sure if this can be shared here to help someone. 

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i can connect from Phone bluetooth to car with no issues. its shows not connected as i am not in the car but i can connect with no issues 

The issues is the audio playerimage.thumb.jpeg.df5acfb7dc3b2825e43f168bad74305d.jpeg no sound 

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Finally Solved it.


In second screen clear the memory and it automatically started the bluetooth after reboot. 


I think there is lots of stuff in memory cause this issue cannot solve using soft reset of memory have to be in blue screen menu.


Special Thanks to Flash aka Bob ! I believe he is Kent will meet someday..



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