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2015 Rav4 Automatic liftgate won't close


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I have a 2015 Rav4 and the automatic liftgate will not close.  Opening is not a problem.  When trying to close however, it beeps but won't move unless closed manually (which requires some force).  One theory is that the beeping when pressing the button to close (inside the car, on the liftgate door or from the key fob) sounds perhaps like there is a safety sensor that thinks something is blocking the door.  I've tried to reset it but no dice.  Is disabling the safety sensor (where is it located?) even an option?  Other thoughts or ideas?

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Hi Adam,

I don't think it is a sensor. Believe the safety feature of stop moving on way up or down is made by extra current detected by the little motor.  But I am not sure. One thing I am sure is you would not want to deactivate this safety as could cause further damages to the system if the door is really blocked. 

It might be that when the door opens, it passes the point where the motor should start pulling down.  On mine there is adjustment on the opening, not sure if your have the same. If so, try to adjust the opening a little lower than the maximum.  Look into the manual if you have this.

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