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Hello Toyota Community. I've joined the forum to seek insights and wisdom for my mum's Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLi Exec 5 door auto. We've had a 1993 K reg Corolla in the family for over 25 years owned and driven by my mum only. Full service history and genuine 56k miles on the clock. Rear seat never been sat on! It's been very well looked after and driven so gently even a baby doesn't get that level of compassion!! Since lockdown it's hardly been driven and has been neglected somewhat as my mum is old now. Inside it's immaculate but outside the weather has taken its toll. It's time to go now with a heavy heart. But want it to go to a good home! So I'm not venturing onto AutoTrader and We buy Any Car! Ideas welcome on the best direction to take to sell the old gem. Thank you

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Hello Munice, there is a section of this Toyota Owners Club for Toyota Sales. You do have to give an indication of what you want for what you are selling….check the rules.


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Hi Munice. Welcome. As Catlover says, there is a for sale section. Why mot post it there, along with a few pictures 

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