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P0842 fault code. "Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor Switch "A" Circuit Low. " 2009 Auto, 88K.


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Engine Warning light and "VSC Off" warning light flashing.

My local independent came up with the above fault code. Neither he nor a local gearbox specialist (Plymouth) can fix as it's not a common vehicle.

Anyone got any experience of this code and how to address it? I've disconnected the Battery and left for a couple of hours but the warning lights return.

If it can't be fixed economically then it might have to go to Toyota heaven - a shame as it's been faultless over the last ten years.

The vehicle is driving normally with no sign of increased fuel consumption.

MOT is not due until April 2023 (is this an MOT fail?), so just might drive it until then - or contact Toyota dealer.



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Yes I found that thread. It's somewhat inconclusive.

I've sent the poster a PM but his profile says he was last here in 2016!

A long shot.

Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

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Pay for a few hours access to www.toyota-tech.eu here you can find the correct diagnostic procedure, you will need a diagnostic computer to read values from the transmission and a multimeter, the fault is an electrical issue with either the transmission oil pressure sensor, transmission wiring harness or Engine control computer  

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