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4AGE 20 Valve Blacktop Supertech Valve Stem Seals Installed - smoking worse?

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Hey guys.
Car was smoking with telltale signs of valve stem seals being shot. 150k miles on the original engine and seals. Thought it might be stuck oil control rings due to poor dino oil being used for a long time by the previous owner but I doubt it. I run Liqui Moly 5W40 oil now. Car feels strong.

I bought Supertech valve stem seals for my 20 valve. After the install the car smokes even worse??? I noticed that the new seals slid onto the intake valve stems in particular quite easily and even moved with the valve when one valve had a slight amount of room to move against the rope I used in the cylinder. When I pushed the new seals down onto the valve guide seat, they went on quite easily and didn't feel convincing even after I used a 10mm deep socket and rubber mallet to push/tap them down onto the valve guide seat.

1. Are Supertech valve stem seals actually bad fitting hence this problem?

2.Do new OEM seals feel nice and tight over the valve stem as you push them down and do they have some resistance when you push them onto the valve guide seat?
3. Should I get OEM seals and ditch these Supertechs? That will be so annoying to have to do this job again!
4. Can/should I use RTV around the base of the seal to make it bond to the valve guide seat well? I don't like this idea but... would it cause any problems?

P.S. the original exhaust seals came off without much resistance at all but the intake seals were all extremely tight and I had to fight with them for 10 to 15 mins each just to pull them off.

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