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Estima hybrid all the warning lights staying on!

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I bought a 2008 hybrid estima 2 days ago from a dealer. I had it checked by a mechanic and when it left the dealer it was apparently fine but when i got it off the delivery truck all the warning lights are on. I cant get it in to a mechanic for a month and Im gutted! I dont know what any of them are and I dont have a manual in english. Sometimes tghe batterly light comes on and it wont start but if I wait and turn it off and on again it starts working again. It also started beeping when i turn right for a little while then it stopped during the same trip. Anyone had anything similar?? and what do all the dash things mean??

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It's a bad 12v Battery, replace like for like its and AGM type, IIRC it's located in the passenger's side rear, under where the jack is located


from a recent thread


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