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engine vibration and oil leak


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on the way home tonight I noticed that my car was vibrating when revving the engine past about 2500rpm. Limped home, opened the bonnet & removed the engine shroud to see a mess of oil. The leak appears to be coming from the seal around the pipe going into engine, see below photo. Any ideas please as to what this issue is and how to fix? my car is 2005 Toyota Avensis II hatchback (T25) 2.2 D-4D

image.thumb.png.f41becf4dbc5fc498fde2a4adef771ae.png image.thumb.png.8298afc881e09090c85daf84167e2786.png

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I'm not really familiar with the 2.2 engine but that looks like the fuel fuel pipe leading to the injector. It appears to be compression from the cylinder blowing past the injector seal. As far as I know its a rare problem on Toyota diesels, but can be quite common on certain Merc and PSA/Ford engines. With the engine running can you see or hear exhaust gasses leaking out past the injector? If so I think the injector will need to be removed, new seal/s used and possibly the injector seat recutting.

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