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Prius Gen2 inverter failure


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Hello All, 


Been a long time since I have been here. Hope all are well. I have a prius Gen 2(2008) with 112k on the clock. It was involved in an accident 2 weeks ago and the rear bumper came off with the reinforcement bar broken. I got it reattached and painted, the reinforcement bar was replaced. When I went to collect it yesterday, I had a Battery indicator and an exclamation mark on the screen. I have the VSC indicator, the red triangle and the  Engine light on. The car runs and drives fine, but it does not allow to switch to EV mode. The hybrid Battery does charge and discharge. The Inverter cooling pump is working - I can see the fluid in the reservoir move when the car is on(engine switched off).


I took it to a hybrid specialist and he said the error codes are from the inverter and that it needs changing - any ideas if there is something I can do it to fix it up cheap. The guy mentioned 350£ to fix it up and I am not sure if it is a reconditioned unit.





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£350 for used or reconditioned inverter it’s ok price that including fitting. Not sure if anyone can suggest something if we don’t know what exactly is wrong with the inverter. If it’s the water pump, or the electronics? You need to take the exact error codes which can point us towards something. 

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