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Card fell into sun visor

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As you can see from the picture, there is no card on the card slot. My wife put the fuel card between the mirror and the sliding part because the card was not secured in the actual slot. 
But, now the card fell into the crevices and now stuck inside the sun visor. 

When I shake the sun visor, I can hear the card rattles inside. 

Question: how do I get the card out?


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Easy option, get a new card it the rattle does not annoy you.

I think you are really asking if that mirror assembly will pop out.

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33 minutes ago, Catlover said:

I never knew there was a card holder in the sun visor/mirror.

It's one of the carbon imprinter card machines


I would remove the sun visor from the car then use a plastic trim tool to pop the bezel off very carefully

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2 hours ago, Starensis said:

Take the sun visor off, then you can use the card as contactless. 😃😉

All tips are foc.

That sounds like a Trigger Happy TV sketch :laugh: 


As for the sunvisor, it's going to have to come off - Be careful of the wires if it has a light.

Once off, you might be able to tilt it sideways and jog the card out, otherwise you'll need a pry tool, as others have said, to pop out the mirror and slider cover to give a bigger space to jiggle the card out.


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