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Please help. Estima P3004/131 high voltage power resource ...

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Hello good people. 

I've been a happy owner of the estima hv until the top Battery pack needed refreshing. 

The new pack was installed incorrectly and I can only assume the plus and minus cables were mixed up. 

Anyway the connections are all correct now but the Ready only flashes briefly and the car is reporting thr 3004/131 HIGH voltage resource error code. 

I've tried following the tsb and replaced the junction box with both relays and thre capacitor. The next step would be to check the main resistor but I don't even know where to look for it. 

The car is stuck at my drive and I'm not sure what the next course of action should be. 

I'd be happy to pay somebody to come and sort this out but I doubt they'll have the necessary parts to swap etc. 

Any tips would be appreciated. 

Just wondering what got fried and once I know I'll be capable of replacing the part. Just don't want to go trial and error on the whole system as replacing it all but by bit would be really expensive. 


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Pull the service link and check the fuse (located inside the link, pop the top cover off it) it may be intact but not able to draw enough current, has the 12v Battery been on charge ?? AHR10 or AHR20 ?

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  • FROSTYBALLS changed the title to Please help. Estima P3004/131 high voltage power resource ...

Thanks bud.

Its AHR20

I had the fuse checked with a multimeter for continuity and it seems fine.

From what you said this does not mean it's actually OK right?

Where do you buy these things?


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Have you tried charging the 12v Battery in the back, if an AGM Battery is borderline it may not have enough current carrying capacity or the voltage is just dropping under load - common issue if the car has been worked on for hours at a time

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On charge now. 

Also found a new safety plug on eBay

I hope this helps. 

Will report back soon in case somebody else is struggling with a similar error code.

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Battery charged and reconnected. 

New security plug/fuse installed

New Junction box installed. 

All i get is the same error and a click from one of the junction box relays as the ready sign flashes briefly. 

The car is still dead... 

Any suggestions anyone? 

Who do I call to come and diagnose it properly? 

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Do you have a scan tool, or a techstream to look at the other modules other than the ecu/abs ?

Technical info on the Estima is very scarce, i can see what i can find

What junction box have you changed, the one on top of the pack ??

Are the 2 pyro fuses intact ?


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Yes I've got techstream. 

Chaned the box on top of the pack. 

It consists of two relays, two fuses and a kind of capacitor to which the main inverter cables are connected. 

Fuses seem OK when checked for continuity. 

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I take it you have been through and check the fuses in both fuse boxes to make sure the HV ecu is getting power

in techstream do a system health check (button on the left hand pane once connected to the car)

go through the PDF and see what modules are saying

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I shall do that later and post the results. 

The PDF is advising the check the main resistor which I can't find anywhere. Lifted the drivers side carpet and found two more metal boxes but nothing that looks like a resistor to have the impedance checked. 

Anyway I'll go and reconnect it all once againg and do what you said. 

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Sorry my mistake, when you run a health check in Techstream it gives you a PDF of the results

no resistor on the estima it would be in that JB with the relays/contactors

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Ok thats good. I don't have to look for it anymore... 

All fuses OK in both boxes in engine compartment. 

Will get the full techstream scan done tomorrow. 


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