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Replacing an old Aygo speedo with a new one?

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I have a 2006 Aygo. I saw a video of a guy fitting a rev counter to his old aygo and was surprised at how easy it was. Didn't realise the connection was just there waiting for a tachometer to be plugged in. Thought about adding one to my own car, but I don't really like how it sticks up and looks a bit silly tacked on like that. But seeing how easy it was, it made me wonder: can you fit a speedometer/instrument cluster from a newer Aygo (like a 2015 one with the bars on the left as a tachometer) on an old 2006 Aygo? Has anyone tried it? Just wondering really as thought they'd surely have the same connections 😥

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In a word no, in the Mk1 the speedo has the main internal fuse box built into it there are a lot of systems that come in and out of it, the mk2 dash is completely different setup

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