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Looking for parts for E10 liftback

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Hi all,

I had an attempted theft of my car last night and I'm now looking for replacement parts. 

Parts needed are ignition barrel with key, new door locks (or just driver's door lock) with key, new centre console in either blue or grey (preferably blue) rear passenger windows for the driver side, new steering wheel column housing, and a new right hand side indicator stalk.

I was going to go through insurance but they said it was a write off, so I'm unfortunately doing repairs out of pocket. It's also been reported the police and dealt with.

Luckily the antitheft means they couldn't start the car without the key in the ignition, I tried to jump it and had no luck. Has anyone had this happen before and has any advice? Will a different ignition barrel work with my ECU or am I going to have to get an auto electrician out to fix it? Luckily they haven't snipped any wires, just royally ****** the ignition and the indicator.




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******ds! :mad2:

Would it be worth going through the write-off procedure and buying the car back so you at least get *something* out of the insurance company??

Will be expensive to get parts fromToyota - Better option might be breakers yards - Ones in your area might be more reasonable than the ones down here, otherwise eBay...


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Insurance value will be very low unfortunately


do you still have the ring from around the barrel ??


Time to let her go, that glass is going to be a mare to find

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Just cut some clear acrylic or lexon to shape! If anyone questions it, say it's weightsaving for improved track performance! :laugh: 

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I'm not looking to write it off, I'm determined to save it. This car has so much history and means the world to me. Autoglass said they stocked the main rear window that's broken, the smaller one they're not sure about though. Again, cut some plexiglass and call it a racecar 😂 

Currently tracking down a few liftbacks for breaking, mostly just a waiting game now. I still have all the parts from the ignition barrell but ya know...it was cut completely away from the steering column, so balls to saving that.

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I wonder if you can get away with using one from a completely different car... it's just a fancy switch with a radio loop at the end of the day...

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Just thought I'd give an update here,

I got all the parts needed and she's back on the road again!
Luckily I had a few folk from Ireland that had parts, almost needed to import the glass from Japan though....but luckily never needed to!

The police ended up catching the thief after he stole a Pulsar GTi near to me and the owner found the car, reported the lad, and he was locked up. 

Still going strong as my daily 🙂


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