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Wheelchair removal

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Hi all I’m new to this site and was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of information on my newly acquired 2001 toyota estima v6 it did come with what looked like a factory fitted wheelchair which I have recently removed I was thinking about reinstalling a captains seat like the one behind the drives seat does anyone know if this is possible as I noticed I will have to install new runners for the seat also where would I find the exact colour of the original trim colour of the interior any advice would be appreciated 

kind regards Mal 

I live in Dorset 

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Welcome Mal,

Good choice...you'll love it...had my V6 for 6 years now and it's been a peach.

I assume it had the powered wheelchair SEAT that allowed for easy/assisted exit.?

Have no experience of such things but I guess there must be a way of fitting a captains seat...maybe ask a campervan converter.?

If you put your frame number (Japanese Domestic Market vehicles have frame numbers not VIN's) into www.toyoDIY.com it will bring up your vehicles details including interior trim.

(ps..you'll find your frame number on a metal plate attached to the INNER passenger/left wing.)


Enjoy it.!

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Hi thanks for the information very helpful yes it did have the wheelchair assisted seat unfortunately no power going to it so had to  dismantle bit by bit very heavy going !! 
Thanks again for the information 

Regard mal 

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No the seat was actually smaller than the standard which was a shame 


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