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an interesing thing about Spade:

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 It will not lock unless it has been turned ignition off whilst in park.

Tell me who knew that?

it is probably in the book I have that is written in Kanji.

Where could I find information like that on this site?

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That how most Toyota work, not see nor heard of a Toyota spade before - oh it's a fat Yaris 🤪

if you have a smartphone use the Google Translate app, with your phone's camera to translate the Japanese

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Thanks for the replies.  This locking issue is new to me. My toyota  usage includes owning 1997 es300, camry 1987, Corolla 1979, carona 1981, driving many Post Office cars and vans and various rental cars over the last 60 years.

I thought I had a fault until the car salesman answer his cell phone to tell me what to try with doors and switches.

Not a bad idea considering the auto stop wiz bang thing.

I used to wonder where the old goats wearing a hat and glasses to drive a car got a license.   Now I am one of them!

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Rotflol, Corolla, I get in, foot on Brake, press button - gear and go. 

Loan Yaris, get in, key in ignition, foot on brake, NOTHING. 

Well it won't until put in gear and press Gas, as the lady in the garage told me when I was 'stuck' in a car park. 

Just automatic brain !Removed! - for 60 years, turn key, engine noise. 

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