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Hi all 

newbie here so apologies in advance if this has already been covered .. 

I’ve recently switched wheels from a Mercedes’ e class to a Toyota Auris hybrid main reason being the rising costs of fuel ! 

I must admit I was a little nervous giving up my merc for a toyota but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how good the Auris is especially the hybrid synergy drive .. it’s a lot smoother than I expected! 

Anyway my reason for posting was to ask about servicing the Auris particularly the CVT box .. could someone tell me when this should be done if at all ? And what other things do you recommend getting done apart from the usual fluids / filter change ? 

she’s done approx 74k miles and is the MK1 gen in white ! 

thanks for any help ! 


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Hi ,

the youngest gen 1 hybrid at this time is around 10 years old and with the mileage your car has done you are at the point where you need to change engine coolant and inverter coolant. You can also change transmission fluid., drain and refill only. Best to use original Toyota fluid WS atf and pink ready mix coolant. 3 Ltr transmission fluid and 7ltr coolant are enough. Spark plugs if never been done too. There are many posts about Auris hybrid and maintenance, perhaps you can have a look at those. 

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Naturally, I'd second everything Tony has said above.

Just in case you weren't aware, the Auris HSD auto, like all Toyota HSDs, isn't a 'traditonal' CVT with coned pulleys and a belt.  Internally, it is completely different, there are no friction surfaces to wear out, or belts of any kind.

Mechanically, it is closer to a differential than a normal CVT.

Failure to change the oil won't end with catastrophic failure, it'll just wear everything out a little faster, which generally means it will eventually aquire a slight whine (at very high miles, ~ 200,000+) like a worn diff. 

The mechanics of the transmission are extremely reliable.  There are no adjustments to be made or filters to change in this transmission.  But it is generally agreed that it is worth changing the oil (normal Toyota WS ATF), via a regular fill and drain plug.

It drives like a regular CVT, but Toyota call it an eCVT, or a Power Split Device.

This link is for the the Prius gen 2 transmission explanation.  Yours is very similar indeed, but the next generation. This earlier transmission is a bit easier to see what's what, as it's not been reduced in size, as your one has.


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