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Rav4 PHEV on Motability Ordering Issues

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I know it may be a long shot, but is anyone aware of a problem with dealership motability ordering systems not communicating with the Toyota ordering system.

I was initially told there was a lockout on the ordering portal due to a potential change in models.

I took that at face value & subsequently learned about the change to MY23 on this forum.

However, I've been told today that there is an ongoing issue in trying to place the order.

The initial order was on 19/06/2022

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Jim, it may well be to do with the fact that Toyota along with all car manufacturers in scheduling the current backlog let alone new orders.

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The latest Q3 Motability guide from Toyota does not list any Rav4 as being available so this could be the ordering issue, ordering is only listed for:

Aygo X Pure & Edge manual or Auto only

Yaris ( not Cross ) Icon, Design, Excel & GR Sport

Corolla Icon, Design, GR Sport & Excel either 1.8 or 2.0

C-HR Icon, Design & GR Sport 1.8 engines only

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15 hours ago, Devon Aygo said:

The latest Q3 Motability guide from Toyota does not list any Rav4 as being available so this could be the ordering issue,

Thanks Lee, this is now unfortunately the case. I double checked the Motability website.

Both the Design & Dynamic PHEVs were available on the Motability Q2 list.

We ordered the Dynamic on 19/06/22 & have both the dealership & Motability order forms confirming this.

The dealership quoted a March 23 delivery, but said they would give a more specific date once they had placed the order on the Toyota portal.

On 22/06/22 the dealer said there was a temporary block on the portal that may have something to do with change in models, but they expected this to be resolved in a day or two.

 My concern now is if the dealer has no evidence of attempting an order in Q2 and that Toyota may say "too bad Rav4 no longer on list"

As everyone knows the increase in price from HEV to PHEV is pretty significant. My wife & I were resolved to probably sticking with HEV for our next vehicle and living in hope that economy of scale would bring PHEV or even BEV within economic reach sometime in the future. My wife then qualified for a Motability vehicle (qualifying of course being a double edged sword). Imagine our delight when we discovered the Rav4 PHEV was available. We were in the showroom within 24 hours.

Just over 2 weeks ago we were excited to be upgrading our beloved Excel to a PHEV model & further pleased to discover on this forum we may be gettin the MY23 version (love a bigger infotainment screen)

Now we await word from the dealer......

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