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Do I need a new front light?


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I see your car has headlamp washers fitted.  This would normally mean that the car has LED headlamps installed, in the UK it would anyway.

But, your headlamp beam does not seem to be as 'white' as I would expect LEDs to produce.

As you have a working low beam function on both headlamps (pictured), then I would think you need a new headlamp, but more information as to the history of the problem, and the car, would be useful.

Others may be able to correct me on the above.

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led headlights on a 2014 ? More than likely HID


please take a picture of the rear of the headlight, you also may find D4S on the of the black plastic of the headlight under the hood/bonnet


looks like you have no high beam on the left, is either the ballast or the HID bulb

Ballast or headlight control - 81107-12G20

Bulb - 90981-20024 or D4S 35w


Edit. Led headlights where 05/2015 onwards, Facelift ??

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