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Throttle body on avensis


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I have a Toyota Avensis 2012 d4d 2.0 diesel and just wanted to find out does this car have a throttle body? I read on internet and some say it doesn't others say it does. 

If the answer  is yes where is located and does it need to be cleaned? might the cleaning do any damage?

Thanks and much appreciated

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I believe it does, it will also most likely be a electronic throttle where it is controlled by an electric motor. This will be located after the intercooler inlet pipe and before the intake manifold. I don't think the access is actually that easy to get to, plus manually moving an electronic throttle can sometimes cause damage and they are really sensitive. Personally, if it's not causing an issue with drive and overall idle, I would just leave it alone.

My dads old Avensis 2.2 D4D had just over 140K miles before we sold it and it never had any acceleration or idle issues that I can remember of.

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